• Huzzah Hobbies Late War Open Tournament AAR
    by Throck Morton
    26 Dec 2014 at 7:30am
    By Sean and Luke

    A couple of weekends ago Luke and I had the great good fortune to run a 1600 point late war tournament for some folks up at Huzzah Hobbies, one of our favorite FLGS.

    The three round tournament hosted 20 players with an even spread of axis and allies and nothing was banned except NGFS and fortified companies.

    The Germans ...

  • Fate of the Nation Battle Israeli Tank Company vs United Arab Republic Tank B...
    by VAeric
    24 Dec 2014 at 9:26pm
    By Eric Lauterbach

    You may have noticed something looks different about the pictures of tanks in this post, well your eyes are not deceiving you we did this battle in micro armor.

    John Desch has a huge micro collection some of the models dating back to when his US Army days and they used them for training. (This what the army did before ...

  • WWPD Network Podcast Super Group Christmas Special!
    by Steven MacLauchlan
    23 Dec 2014 at 7:30am
    Steven from News From the Front, Ben from Breakthrough Assault, and Ry from Diesel N' Dust come together to form a super podcast group! The dudes talk about the year of FoW, their current meta, and some predictions for the future!

    Click here to download the episode.

  • News from the Front Episode 86 - The Christmas Special
    by Dirty Jon
    22 Dec 2014 at 7:30am
    It's Episode 86!  All the guys are in, with Steven, Luke, Tarzan and Dirty Jon bringing you holiday greetings!  

    In Act I, the dudes talk about what they have been up to and cover a lot of FoW games in the AAR.  They guys also reveal their holiday wish lists, so I hope Santa is listening!

    In Act II, Luke talks a lot about things he lea...

  • The LRDG Episode 21
    by Skabradisdead
    22 Dec 2014 at 9:45pm
    The LRDG are back!

    In Episode 21 the guys catch up and talk about what they learned from Melbourne’s, one day tournament: This is War, Opening Skirmish. They also talk about their list plans for Cancon, painting tips and the pros and cons of plastic kits while reviewing new models from Rubicon Miniatures. They also take a look at the ye...

  • Happy Holidays
    by c-baxs
    21 Dec 2014 at 9:38pm

    Australian and US soldiers celebrate Christmas, Buna - Papua New Guinea 1942
    Happy Holidays from the crew at Boltaction.net.  We will be taking the week off to spend time with family and friends, open gifts, paint minatures, and roll dice.  Make sure you come back the following week for new articles and all the Bolt Action goodness your...

  • Brave New World - Sourcing the Skraelings
    by Mike Wood
    22 Dec 2014 at 7:30am
    One faction that fell outside the 'norm' for Saga are the Skraelings.

    They came and went very quickly as a limited edition in a Starter set from Gripping Beast. After that you seemed to need to get hold of the rules and some suitable models.... somehow. This is one faction that never made it into one of the mainstream Saga expansions.


  • Conquest Warlord Focus: Nazdreg, Warboss of da Bad Moons
    by -Parker Ince
    24 Dec 2014 at 6:50am
    Welcome back to our continuing series of articles for each warlord from the Conquest core set. Today we're going to take a look at the Ork faction's warlord, Nazdreg. He's the warboss of 'da Bad Moons' (ed. note: there won't be any more 'ork speak' unless it's the actual title of a card), and actually has a bit of character development...