• Another Review of Warhammer Quest by Fantasy Flight Games
    by Steven MacLauchlan
    29 Apr 2016 at 7:30am
    Though it's been out for a while (See Scott's previous review!), I only recently managed to get my mitts on a copy of Warhammer Quest The Adventure Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. As many of you reading this will remember, I am a big fan of both card games and cooperative games. My favorite card game is hands down the Lord of the Ri...

  • Netrunner: Democracy and Dogma Review
    by Ben
    27 Apr 2016 at 8:07am
    Hello All
    Following on the AAR I posted up a week or so ago, today I have review of the latest data pack Democracy and Dogma. Myself and Maz give our thoughts on the cards in the pack, look at a few combos and options on how to use the cards.Read more »

  • MW Panzer Company vs U.S. Infantry
    by Luke
    26 Apr 2016 at 7:30am
    By Luke Melia
    The board before deployment. 
    Andy and I wanted to get a practice game in before the tournament at the Williamsburg Muster so we decided to face off with our lists.  The tournament was 1500 points, in an open format.   Guess what I was playing?  That's right folks, Americans.  I know that comes as a shock to many of you, r...

  • Bolt Action - My LRDG project comes to a conclusion, well sort of!
    by Patchimus Prime
    25 Apr 2016 at 7:43am
    By Patch

    Earlier this year I was fortunate to receive some of the new Warlord Games  Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) Chevrolet trucks and one of their Jeeps to review. I found them to be amazing and I was bitten by the LRDG bug. Something about their roguish appearance and mish-mash of vehicles made them truly appear like pirates of the ...

    • AAR: Franks v Welsh in Champions of God
      by Mike Wood
      2 Aug 2015 at 5:03pm
      I managed to get a very quick game of SAGA in recently. Four points of Franks (all mounted) versus four points of Welsh Warriors.

      Four pieces of scenery were chosen and placed on the table. The mission selected was "Champions of God". The objective is for one side to get 3VP's more than the enemy (Slaughtering Victory points) at the end...


    • First to Fight (boardgame review)
      by Anatoli
      29 Apr 2016 at 10:18am
      While the title says boardgame review I would consider this to be as much a cardgame so I'm sticking both labels on this post.

      First to Fight is a Polish game about Polish WW2 exploits in which players take on the roles of Polis...
    • This Geek's week...
      by WuhSawBe
      29 Apr 2016 at 9:09am

      The Infant Aliens from Prodos Games' AVP game...

      The Marines from AVP...Modeling/Hobby:- My copy of the AVP boardgame arrived after just 3 days, and I've dove right into making the custom bases and assembling the figures.  I'm...
    • Hobby Room Renovation: Part 5
      by Dagreenskins
      28 Apr 2016 at 9:25pm
      So my room is now painted and I have my new hobby desk built waiting for me to fill the shelves with stuff.  I also installed a ceiling fan, the one thing my room had never had before.  The next few weeks will be spent putting ...
    • Dig in (M&T): fort matchsticks
      by Dakeryus
      28 Apr 2016 at 6:00am
      Frame jobRead more »
    • Frostgrave: The Silent Tower AAR
      by Anatoli
      27 Apr 2016 at 10:58am
      Normal 0 21 false false false SV JA X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Second game in our ongoing Frostgrave campaign, we played the...
    • Kings of War game report
      by The Kiwi
      27 Apr 2016 at 1:22am
      Varangur (Fantasy Vikings) vs Goblins with some Ogre allies 1500 points. The scenario was LOOT. 3 loot markers got placed fairly evenly along the halfway line between each army. I had thrown this list together based on my Dark ...